Jet lag or travel fatigue — a nightmare for everyone who flies a long distance and does not want to be like a soulless body half of the holiday. Jet lag can make you sick with insomnia, tiredness, headaches, stomach upsets or irritation. Why is this happening and how to protect yourself as much as possible?

To experience jet lag, you have to travel across multiple time zones. For more sensitive individuals two time zones are enough, but usually you need to cross at least 6 time zones.

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As is well known, the luggage have also ears. Airlines are able to pull them off if they do not meet their requirements. What are they?

Each airline has its own standard on the luggage. After all the search for the information and its verification, many travelers long to pack it in. That would be a pity of course. That’s why we’ve prepared an overview table for you to find out what to pack according to the airlines and destination.

At the airport we divide the baggage into two basic types, regardless of the number of wheels, handles and zips. You can take a cabin or a carry-on luggage with you on board. The check-in luggage travels separately in the luggage compartment. The special category is The Luggage by Terry Pratchett, which is subject to the same transport conditions as pets.

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A long transfer and sleep at the airport may not be a nightmare, but a dream come true. Do you know how to arrange a trip for free during a Singapore layover or a futuristic sleeping accommodation? Get tips how to see your transfer flights as new opportunities.

Explore the possibilities of the airport

Airports in San Francisco, Amsterdam and Paris have their own museum. Texas Austin remains faithful to his bohemian spirit and holds concerts for free at the airport. Enjoy the transfer in Munich by visiting the mini-brewery and in Tokyo the café with the planetarium. International airports are coming up with new ways how to make the layovers more enjoyable. The airport in Singapore offers not only lounges, games, cinemas and other activities, but also a relaxing garden with live butterflies.

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