Insurance of air tickets cancellation

Airtickets cancellation insurance is a damage insurance that can occur in the case of a serious illness of the insured, the death of the insured or his relative, the loss of employment, the failure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to travel to the destination, the natural events in the place of residence.

Indemnity limit 3 000 CZK

The limit is the maximum amount the insurer pays to the insured.

The insured has 20% participation. Examples:

  1. Cancellation of a ticket of 3 000 CZK participation 20% is 600 CZK and Česká pojišťovna’s payment is 2 400 CZK.
  2. At a ticket price of 4.000 CZK, 20% will be deducted, ie 800 CZK. Pojišťovna pays a limit 3 000 CZK.

The procedure to apply cancellation of airticket

The insured shall apply the following procedure:

  1. Print the form Oznámení pojistné události z pojištění storna cesty and duly complete it. The form is also available on pages of Česká pojišťovna, follow the links škody a pojistné události/oznámit škodu/cestovní pojištění/písemně.
  2. Attach a copy of the air ticket, proof of payment — statement of the bank account, submit any additional documents — medical report, testimony, death certificate, etc.
  3. Send all documents to the liquidation department of Česká pojišťovna recommended as registered letter at: Česká pojišťovna, a.s., P.O.Box 305, 601 00 Brno, Czech Republic.

In the event of a positive liquidation settlement, the insured person shall receive money back till thirty days.

Download insurance terms and conditions to the insurance product


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